Migori, Afya Halisi give toll free number 0800724870 to help adolescents, youths to tackle health issues

The banner with the toll free number

By MN Reporter

Migori adolescents and youths have benefited from a toll free number to raise queries on their help especially in prolonged school closure caused by Covid 19.

The Toll Free Number 0800724870 is sponsored by Migori County Government through Ministry of Health, USAID and UNFPA funded Afya Halisi program, with close association with Safaricomom.

The number can be called in 24 hours a day, seven times a week and is manned by seven skilled medics and care gives, like Seth Midenyo a clinical officer by profession.

Midenyo is also the Nyatike sub-county Child and Adoloscent Health Coordinator.

“The number is very private free and manned throughout. We often receive calls from teenagers and adolescents, sometimes as late as 3am,” Midenyo told Migori News.

He said most callers are aged between 14-19 years and mostly girls.

Since the number was launched three months ago, it has successfully served closed to 500 callers and a similar number of those who called in.

“Most callers are girls, they ask queries on menstrual health, puberty, relationship matters and sexually transmitted information,” Midenyo said.

Apart from offering counselling, those who call in are often traced and referred to other health facilities.

Clinical Officer Seth Midenyo and a beneficiary during the interview

Alice Adhiambo (not her real name), a 18 years old form three student said she benefited from the number when she started experiencing itchiness in her private parts.

“I discussed the issue with my boyfriend and he said he had the same issue after we had spent time together,” Adhiambo said.

She said after trying to get help from a local clinic she found the advert on a wall and called the number.

“When i called a clinical officer called Seth Midenyo answered and i shared my problem, after calling severally i was referred to a clinic where i got help after he counselled me,” she said.

She said the privacy got from the number and free professional help has seen many among her circles use the number.

“I have been using the number as a youth, it easier to know you can find someone to talk when you need it most,” she said.