Masara laud police for shooting dead suspected thugs, action to end insecurity

Allaxis Hotel in Migori town

By MN Reporter

Suna West MP Peter Masara has congratulated Migori security team for their good work to end insecurity.

Masara said the recent action by police to shoot dead two robbers in a foiled robbery at Allaxis Hotel in Migori town will help tackle runaway insecurity after complains of gun and panga wielding gangs running roughshod in the area.

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“I support the recent action by police to shoot dead two thugs last week which has re-assured the public,” Masara said.

He said since being elected he has helped establish and gazette new police posts at Oruba, Masara and Piny Oyie centers and will seek to “add more police officers and offer infrastructure to help in boosting patrols to tackle insecurity.”

At the same time, Masara said under his administration he will ensure Suna West education is boosted by the NG-CDF kitty when he launched a dormitory at St. Celestino Nyangubo Girls in Migori town and two classrooms at the newly started Kipasi Songa primary school.