#KCPE2021 More Nyatike girls sit for exams than boys lured in fishing, sand harvesting

Lwanda Magwar Primary School which recorded More girls than boys in this and past examinations

By MN Reporter

Schools in Nyatike sub-county along Lake Victoria have seen a record of more girls candidates than boys, worrying education stakehders.

A spot check by Migori News shows the boy child has been neglected in the area as more only girls institutions have been set up.

“In our area the boy child has completely been neglected, as long as a boy matures he is lured to do fishing and sand harvesting. We have high school dropout rates for boys,” Tom Muo, Lwanda Magwar Primary School head teacher said.

He said in the just released 2021 KCPE results the school had 40 girls and 27 boys.

“This school is near Lake Victoria, the numbers of more girls than boys as candidates has been the same in past three sittings,” he said.

He confirmed the drop out is caused by the fishing and sand harvesting.

“Despite this we had a hundred per cent pass as our highest candidate got 390 marks and the lowest 270. Only three girls scored below the marks,” he said.

The school had a 340 mean-score

“We feel the boy child has been neglected and advice stakeholders to help reverse this especially parents by giving boys more attention,” Muo said.

His sentiments were shared by Emily Adeo, his deputy.