Ignore Bloggers Paid By Ruto-Men, I Have Added Sh426m To Migori Coffers As Senator- Eddy

Migori senator Eddy Oketch and ODM leader Raila Odinga’

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Eddy Oketch has said he has done enough since elected on August 9 and only a handful of paid bloggers are out to paint a negative image of his tenure.

Oketch said for a short period he was elected he managed to add Sh426m to what the county is getting from government.

“I am comfortable as a senator because I have done enough and done my job well as a senator, only a handful of bloggers have been paid to paint me negatively on personal attacks,” Oketch said.

He said through the county additional revenue allocation bill in the senator he has managed to add Sh426m to the county revenue.

Out of the amount he said Sh187m will go to agriculture extension services, Sh110m for medical equipment especially to tackle cancer cases and the Sh22m from World Bank fund to fight climate.

“The climate change fund will help youth and women groups in fighting climate change through tree planting,” Oketch he said.

He said additional Sh10m will go for agriculture equipment and infrastructure input, Sh21m to boost local dispensaries, Sh5m for Urban Development and Sh70m for agriculture value chain.

He also said he was keen to see Sh900m for value addition is paid up.

“There is one MP who has paid a handful bloggers and youths to attack and paint that I am not working on the ground. They are very few, and I know I am in the right place politically,” senator Eddy Oketch.

He was speaking in the morning during the morning drive at Mayienga FM.

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