We have axed 95 casuals after audit- county explains after complains of job loss

SUBSCRIBE: Migori Casual Workers Demo Over 6 Months Salary Arrears, Ask Ayacko To Act

By MN Reporter

Migori county has confirmed that they have sent home 95 casual workers amid complaints from several department.

Casuals from Migori Referral Hospital, Isebania Hospital, Kehancha Hospital and Migori Kuria Transmara Water Company (MIKUTRA) are among those who had complained of salaries arrears.

Deputy Governor Gimunta Mahiri has said the county and especially the health ministry undertook an audit of human resources where they sent home the casual workers.

“With an aim of rationalizing the work force for optimum delivery in health care, they were told to leave since the current county budget could not sustain their continued engagement,” he said.

“The county commits to pay all the casuals who were disengaged  as soon as possible and commits to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered to citizens,” he said.