We have all supported Obado, let me be governor and i will make you speaker again- Rusana to Boaz

By MN Reporter

Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana has called on speaker Boaz Okoth to drop his governor bid to back him.

The two leaders are insiders in governor Okoth Obado fighting to replace their ally in 2022 amid jostling ahead of 2022 general elections.

“I know we have both supported Obado with loyalty, i want you to drop your governor bid to support me,” Rusana said.

Rusana lauded Boaz for being able to hold the assembly together and working closely with MCAs which he said was a very rare skill.

“It is this skill that I will ensure you became a speaker again once elected, stop down to support me,” Rusana said.

He was speaking at Sori town for the county Mashujaa day celebrations.

Earlier, Boaz said he was best placed to replace Obado since he can command votes across all 40 wards in Migori and Nyatike, his backyard, being populous should produce the next county CEO.