Walters Calls For Truce Between Governor, MPs As Ayacko Accepts

By MN Reporter

Awendo MP Walter Owino has called for a truce between Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko and legislators.

Owino said it was unfortunate that already the governor has been faced with open rebellion with some of the eight elected MPs in the county.

The legislator said the governor should take an upper hand and initiate talks.

“Governor should talk with all of us eight legislators in Migori, these open exchange of words by some of us will end up affecting voters,” he said.

Owino said it was unfortunate that already some legislators have openly told off Ayacko ahead of next general elections and don’t see eye-to-eye instead of working for people.

“Right now we need to tone down on all political rhetorics, seat down as elected leaders and see how we can benefit as leaders, when time for politics come we will have our development record to sell to people,” Walter said.

Ayacko said he was ready to meet Migori’s eight legislators as early next week to help in chatting unity and cohesion on how to work together between national and county governments.

“I am ready to meet the legislators as early as next week and I am open for talks,” Ayacko said.

Ayacko has faced open war of words between him and several legislators, with most skipping his social and development functions over accusation of him undermining them.

He has been accused of undermining legislators who helped him campaign as a governor and failing to fulfill development pledges to residents.

The leaders were speaking in Kombe village today in Kuria West constituency during the burial of former Masaba MCA Abedi Maroa.

The burial was also attended by ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Other leaders who attended were Kuria West MP Mathias Robi, Migori governor Ochillo Ayacko, Migori senator Eddy Oketch, Migori Woman Representative Fatuma Mohammed, Suna East MP Junet Mohammed, Suna West MP Peter Masara, Awendo MP Walter Owino and Nyatike MP Tom Odege.

Robi said as a legislator he has been supporting Ayacko despite him being elected under Azimio and him in Kenya Kwanza.

“I support the governor despite him being in the other political divide, what he will do to Kuria people will decided how we will relate with him in next polls,” he said.

Suna West MP Peter Masara who rose to speak hinted at cutting ties with the governor ahead of 2027 saying when that times reaches “Migori will know their governor,” after he campaigned for him in last polls.

In earlier radio interviews, Ayacko downplayed tension between him some legislators like Uriri MP Mark Nyamita and Rongo MP Paul Abuor, two ODM rebel legislators who decided to work with President William Ruto despite warning from party leader Raila Odinga.

His closest political ally Masara broke ranks with him to openly criticized him too calling him ungrateful despite supporting his bid and that he was out to undermine him as a legislator.

“My difference with Nyamita and Abuor is that I am an ODM party loyalist and they are not, they are my friends and on matters development we have been working together,” Ayacko said.

He said Nyamita and Masara have declared to campaign with him for the governor seat in 2027 when he will be defending his second term, a move he was okay with him.