Villagers, activists want Sagero assistant chief investigated over zunguzungu attacks

A victim, Marikus Ouko, 63, admitted at Ojele Memorial Hospital in Migori town with son showing panga cuts.

By MN Reporter

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i has been urged to investigate Sagero sub-location assistant chief Martin Ochieng’ over attacks by a youth vigilante group called ‘Ocampo Zunguzungu.’

Migori county commissioner Boaz Cherutich said they have launched investigations.

Last Saturday night in an orgy of violence, the group pulled two old people from their home and shop and assaulted them, leaving one for dead and assaulting two more people..

A victim, Marikus Ouko, 63, said he was admitted at Ojele Memorial Hospital in Migori town.

“I was pulled out of my house by people known to me after they accused me of being behind a spate of cattle rustling,” Ouko said.

Ouko suffered from deep panga cut on the head, with his back, chest and legs also affected. He complained of chest and body pain.

“It was terrorism. I passed out from the agony of pain and shock, when I regained consciousness I found I was covered with leaves and branches as the group left me for death. I managed to reach home and was rushed to hospital,” he said.

In the same night, John Odira, 52, was pulled in the his shop at Sagero center in the same style and beaten together with his son.

“I had both by legs and right hand broken, I am seeking services of a traditional healer in Kadem area.,” he said over the phone.

Two other villagers who spoke in condition of anonymity said there were beaten on the fateful night for refusing to take part in patrols.

When contacted by the press over the phone, the assistant chief asked for the story not to be published insisting he was aware of the incidents and the group..

“I am still investigating the matter that is all I can say. Please drop the matter. I got complains from the family of the victims,” he said.

Titus Orwa, the secretary of Migori Civil Society Association said they will investigate the crime and ascertain why a vigilante group should be marauding in the village past curfew hours to attack innocent people.