(VIDEO) Suna East voters need an MP on the ground, not to help Raila in Nairobi- Amimo


By MN Reporter

Suna East MP aspirant Samuel Amimo has said voters are in need of a legislator who will help them tackle development agenda directly instead of getting busy with national politics.

Amimo in an exclusive interview with Migori News said since the start of this year, the area MP Junet Mohammed has been busy in national politics and has never been seen on the ground.

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“On the ground Junet is known to be busy helping Raila nationally, which is a fallacy he has created since he was first elected with a promise to help ODM with Muslim voters which has never been seen,” Amimo said.

He said all aspirants in Nyanza, no matter the party ticket they use as candidates in the ballot champion for ODM leader Raila Odinga presidency and it should not be the case where some legislators appear to claim they are closest to Odinga.

“We need to know if Junet receives mileage allowance from parliament and how he uses it, because for over a year he has never been seen in the constituency. Suna East residents need to vote for a leader to tackle their issues,” Amimo said.

Amimo said in the forthcoming 2022 polls he will ensure he will be the ballot “as my party will be the people of Suna East constituency, we need leaders seen on the ground instead of television by voters.”

But Junet, in a report aired by a local radio station defended himself against absentee claims saying currently government has placed Covid 19 protocols which banned political meetings.

 “We have protocol against Covid 19 which has seen most political functions downgraded completely, but I will have a your next week,” he said.

Junet said Suna East development was on the right tract with recent advertisement Ngege-Mapera-Rabuor and Kawa-Osingo-Nyaduong’ roads which will be built to bitumen standards.

Junet has promised “the road network in Suna East will be 70 per cent tarmack.”

To tackle his cases of cattle rustling, the legislator said he is “finalising building of an anti-stock theft unit in Witharaga area which will have 20 officers and a vehicle soon. The claims by my rivals are just propaganda.”