(VIDEO) Rapado, Urai trains youths on conflicts and peace ahead of IEBC boundary delimitation

SUBSCRIBE: RAPADO Sensitize Youths On Peace, Peace Messaging Ahead of Emotive Boundary Delimitation by IEBC

By MN Reporter

Rapado, a non-government organization in Migori county has trained youths on cpeace and conflict resolution ahead of boundary delimitation.

The organisation in association with Urai trained youth leaders from about thirty groups across the county.

Omole Opinya, an officer at Rapado said in the process of boundary delimitation Kenyans should know all of us will be contained.

“At the end of the day we are all Kenyans and there is nobody who will be shifted away from the country, that is the most important part in boundary review,” Opinya said.

Opinya said as activists they will be keen to follow remarks by politicians in the review process and hold them to task against inciting youths and the public along tribal and clan politics.

Castro Baraza a peace ambassador said ahead of public participation they have already started seeking partners and stakeholders in Migori to ensure the process of review is peaceful.

Migori county has majority of Luo community forming over 70 per cent of population and minority Kuria forming 25 per cent from Kuria East and Kuria West constituencies out of eight existing ones.

“Apart from that we have tribal and clan dynamics since in the last review of creation of wards and constituencies several alignments were done which created tension then,” Baraza said.

In Suna East constituency, Nyabisawa location which was originally in Suna West constituency was heaved to Kakrao ward while in Kuria, Gokeharaka/Gitambwega, Masaba, Nyamosense/Komosoko wards were moved across clans to ensure Kuria East constituency was formed.

“Already in these areas leaders have been clamoring to break away while two of the most populous constituencies of Nyatike and Kuria West need to be divided creating tension,” Baraza said.

Clement Osiemo, the Suna East constituency IEBC official and his Kuria East counterpart Robert Ng’eny lauded the training.

“We need to sensitize youths because they are at the biggest risk of being manipulated by local leaders,” he said.