(VIDEO) Nyamita should stop frustrating Eddy senator bid, concentrate in Uriri- Kuria Youths

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita has been accused of undermining Eddy Oketch senator bid ahead of April 13 Orange Democratic Movement primaries.

A group of youths from the Kuria community led by Matinde Keherema said they have been alarmed as the legislator have been in the fore-front to de-campaign Eddy both on the ground and in Orange house.

“We have intelligence from Kuria and entire Migori county up to the party headquarters that Nyamita has been undermining us in Eddy Oketch for senator campaigns,” Keherema said.

The youths called on Nyamita to strictly concentrate on his MP bid against businessman Jared Kwaga in the primaries and leave other seats for other aspirants to battle out.

“We know Eddy also comes from Uriri, any problem Nyatmita has with him should not open up sideshows,” he said.

“We will not stand by and see our man being harassed we call on the ODM party to rein in the legislator,” he said.

His sentiments was shared by Frank ‘Jamaica’ Chacha who said they look forward to the primaries and they are sure they will also win,

“Nyamita should give us a break, we are firmly behind Raila Odinga presidency and Eddy for senator especially in Kuria and as youths,” he said.

Susan Ghati called on the Kuria community to back Eddy for senator.