(VIDEO) Kenyatta only legacy with BBI will be taking Raila home in 2022- MP Robi

Kuria West Mathias Robi during the press conference

By MN Reporter

The biggest legacy President Uhuru Kenyatta will have with the Building Bridges Initiative is going home with ODM leader Raila Odinga in 2022, a legislator has said.

Kuria West MP Mathias Robi said by calling off launch of signature move for BBI after Kenyatta met his deputy William Ruto should be an indicator.

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“If Kenyatta insists on the BBI report, then the best legacy he will have is to go home with Raila and retire by 2022 genera elections,” he said.

He said the postponement is a clear sign that “BBI reggae can be stopped since it will not help common mwananchi who are suffering from Covid 19 and poor economy.”



He said by concentrating so much on the BBI report, the president will fail to realise his development agenda.

He said the change of constitution will not help Kenyans, and said it will only end to derail Kenyatta’s legacy as the president.

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He said stopping signature collection will help give room for consultation especially among minority communities like “Kuria who need a county, our numbers will never see us become governor in Migori.”