(VIDEO) Engineer Ogogo Aids Migori Primary Candidate Who Scored 413 To Join Mang’u High


By MN Reporter

Migori Primary School top candidate Regan Joseph Ochieng’ who scored 413 mark out of the possible 500 will join Mang’u High after well-wisher saw his plight of fees on social media.

Calvince Thomas Ogogo, a Nairobi based  civil engineer said he was touched by the boy’s plight after his needy case was shared on social media platform.

“I am also a former student at Migori Primary School and I had to call the father and have friends to access the situation and we found it was true the student was needy and was to join form one next week,” Ogogo told Migori News.

He said the father Charles Ochieng’, a casual worker, said he was not able to take the child to school because he had two other students in high school and his wife was recently hospitalized.

“I will educate Regan through his high school and I have already made arrangements with them to travel to Nairobi where we will do shopping for him to join school,” he said.

Migori News found the candidate and his father at their home in Total area as they were preparing to join form one.

“Until when I received the call from Ogogo I was still stranded and never knew how Regan was to join form one, I am grateful for the gesture and we are humbled,” Ochieng’ said.

He said while his son was a candidate at Migori Primary he was not sure how he was going to join secondary because he was bright and the good marks did not come as a surprise.

Regan said he wants to be a neurosurgeon in future.