(VIDEO) As Suna residents we picked Rusana for governor, Pamela and Mwabe should step aside- Elders

By MN Reporter

Suna elders have insisted as a community in Suna East and Suna West constituencies they picked Migori County Secretary Christopher Rusana to be the region flag bearer in the governor seat.

Elders, led by former God Jope MCA Ochieng’ Abwao said as elders and opinion leaders their main desire was to have Migori region produce a single candidate to bargain with the sugarbelt region.

“We were over 800 people who picked a selected few and all governor aspiraants were aware of our move and we with us in all venues including Carmel Park in Kisii where we announced Rusana,” Abwao said.

Other governor aspirants from the region included Migori Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo, Businessman Philip Mwabe and former Migori MP John Pesa.

“We told them to pick amongst themselves the best candidate and they failed, we voted and Rusana became the candidate. What followed is the greatest hypocrisy in politics as others went on media to claim they were not even in the meeting,” Abwao said.

When the results to pick Rusana was announced, all other aspirants rejected the results forcing Suba Council of Elders chairman Riogi Riogi to first endorse Rusana and later drop his stance and side with Pamela.