Uriri MP fights for youth employment in upcoming Census

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita greets players before the begining of their match at Uriri high school


Youth in Uriri Constituency have welcomed a move by their MP Mark Nyamita that will see them employed in the up coming Housing and Population Census.

The MP held talks with Uriri Sub-County Population and Housing Census Committee after receiving reports from College and University students that they had been left out in the shortlisting for various jobs.

Here is a message the MP posted on his Official FB Page Yesterday

Following complaints from sidelined university students from Uriri Constituency, I met Uriri Sub-County Population and Housing Census Committee whereupon we agreed that:

1. 80% of those to be engaged for the exercise must not be holding other jobs concurrently.

2.Priority must be given to the youths, particularly college and university students and jobless graduates.

3. 100% of those to carry out the exercise must be residents of Uriri Constituency selected from the list of applicants.

4. The shortlist of persons as enumerators having been so declared null and void, applicants be shortlisted afresh.

5. Failure to meet any of the above conditions renders the exercise susceptible to the hostility of the irate, jobless youths whose anger is immeasurable.

Here is how some of the youth responded to the news: