Uriri leaders put security agencies on notice over rising insecurity

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita interacts with elderly women at Uriri DC’s office

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita has called on security agencies to restore the deteriorating security situation in his constituency.

This follows a series of deaths caused by unknown assailants in the consituency in the past few weeks sparking outrage from the residents.

This prompted the MP to hold a meeting with chief’s and heads of security early yesterday to address security concerns raised by Uriri residents.

“I am sure they are going to put the necessary effort to ensure that security is restored,” Nyamita said.

South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali speaking at the meeting that was held at Uriri said the level of insecurity was worrying.

“If it reaches a point where senior government officials are also affected then it really becomes an issue for the common man,” Kagali said.

Kagali however linked the various cases of insecurity to the mushrooming business of illicit brew in various parts of Uriri.

“I have told the security officers that I will not post bail for anyone who will be arrested in the business of illicit brew,” Kagali said.

Alice Akinyi widow of slain Business Man Arthur Odongo during his burial in Osogo

But speaking at the burial of Arthur Obongo who was murdered in cold blood in Osogo yesterday, MP Nyamita urged the police not to direct all their energy towards illicit brew while ignoring the rising insecurity.

“This old man died a very painful death and as the MP I am assuring you that these crooks that are killing people will have no place in Uriri,” Nyamita said.

He added, “If they are among us and you don’t come for them as security agencies then we will bring for you the bodies.”

Uriri AP commandant Micah Ojwang’ however defended the police against claims that they were reluctant in dealing with the rising cases of insecurity.

“We have been blamed for focusing so much on chang’aa brewers but it is also a crime that we must deal with because those who drink the illicit brew are the same ones who will  go killing people,” Ojwang’ said.

Chief Inspector Lule Ruphas from the OCPD’s office urged residents to have contacts of the security officers to help address insecurity cases when need arises.