Uriri is a one term constituency, vandalism of my campaign posters won’t change it- Kwaga

Jared Kwaga at Korondo area during campaigns

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP Independent candidate Jared Kwaga has complained that his campaign materials have been vandalised by his sole rival the incumbent Mark Nyamita who is defending seat on ODM ticket..

Kwaga said his banners, posters and materials have been vandalised because of fear that the constituency is a one term place for legislators and he has been pushing through sustained campaigns.

“We know that Uriri has been producing a one term legislator since multi-party elections and the incumbent Mark Nyamita know it and is afraid,” Kwaga said.

Kwaga said the attacks have been caused by his intense campaigns in the constituency and fear he will topple Nyamita.

“We call on politicians to stop inciting youths against rivals, we need plans that will empower youths instead of using them against fellow youths,” he said.

Kwaga said recently Nyamita has been going around the constituency distributing bursary which he said was flawed and left many voters angered.

“I gave him space to breathe with bursaries after i had combed Uriri clean, he knew i was back and the vandalism started,” he said.

Kwaga said Nyamita has been going around the constituency claiming he was only keen on ensuring Raila Odinga becomes president and have failed to explain electrification, security and projects started by the NG-CDF kitty.

“We all love Raila and will ensure his presidency, and since Nyamita is obsessed with it i will floor him and ensure he is employed in the next government,” he said.

He was speaking at Korondo center in South Kanyamkago ward during his campaigns.