Uproar as Koderobara field ineligible players for Rongo Secondary Sports Championship, Sports Secretary allegedly pocketed


By MN Reporter

Drama unfolded during Rongo Subcounty Secondary Sports Championship when Koderobara Secondary School fielded villagers to play as students in the under 19.

Students and teachers were in uproar when Roney Onyango who sat his KCSE in 2017 was fielded against the rules governing the game.

Another strange villager who was fielded as a student was Mr. Thomas Regan who unfortunately also played illegally.

The illegalities were compounded further by the inclusion of Javan and Castro who had “photoshops” in addition to other irregularities but played forcefully despite complaints from the stakeholders.

It is alleged Rongo Sub-County Sports Secretary Mr. William Magak has been pocketed and has so far connived as an accomplice to the unprocedural bending of the rules of the game midway.

As a consequence, he has failed to act on the matter even though it was brought to his attention.

Matters went awry when Mr. Aloo, who is the Coach of Koderobara Soccer Team went ahead to assault a fellow teacher, identified only as Mr. Otieno of Kanga High School, when he attempted to capture the rogue players in camera.

As at now, Rongo Sub-County soccer fraternity desperately awaits for stern action to be taken against these well known lawbreakers.