Ulanda Girls hires 35 teachers to cover whooping 2,256 students

Ulanda Girls High School

By MN Reporter

St. Albert Ulanda Girls secondary school has for the first time hired more teachers than government in the institution to grapple with high student population.

The top institution in the county is among several secondary schools suffering from under staffing and strain on infrastructures caused by government 100 percent transition to secondary schools polivy.

Ulanda has hired 35 teachers in the board compared to of 33 employed by Teacher Service Commission (TSC).

Speaking to Migori News, the school’s principal Buyango Phinorah said that Ulanda girls has population 2,256 students which cannot be managed by 33 TSC teachers.

“Teachers are not enough at the moment, we were forced to hire others. We are spending a lot in terms of salary payment but we have to invest on these for the sake of our learners,” Said Phinorah.

Phenoran said the school is facing challenges in terms of infrastructure.

“We need a dormitory and laboratory. A library is another challenge the room we have can only accommodate 100 students,” she said.

The said the school also urgently needed water.