Ugly Kisangura Primary School which has never received any CDF assistance

By MN Reporter

Kisangura Primary School in Uriri constituency is in deplorable condition as pupils have been forced to share mud-walled classrooms and rundown toilets.

Class one and two pupils share a classroom with the only structure being funded by Uriri CDF kitty at a tune of Sh1.2million having stalled without any reason given to school management.

When Migori News visited the school, the structures were an eyesore and mud walled classes were about to fall over.

Kisangura primary school Deputy Head teacher Kennedy Oguta said some of their pupils are taking their studies in a nearby church because they have inadequate classroom.

“We are demoralized from pupils to teachers because of our poor classes,” he said.

The school has never received any funding from Uriri CDF kitty besides the ksh.1.2M allocated for construction of a classroom that has stalled for more than six months now.