Two chang’aa, bhang sellers and two form four students arrested in Kadika

Police display bhang impounded in Migori

By MN Reporter

Police in Migori have arrested two chang’aa and bhang sellers in Kadika village, Migori town.

The two, a couple were arrested in a crackdown together with five people who included two form four candidates in a local school.

A litre of changaa and rolls of bhang were seized during the crackdown led by by Suna East and Suna West sub counties community policing chairperson Nashon Onduro.

Onduro said the suspect identified as Omondi Olendo and his wife were found doing the illegal business in their homestead.

He said four other students escaped, and theu included the suspect’s son and his classmates who were drinking chang’aa.

The suspects were handed over to the Migori police station alongside the exhibit which was seized during the crackdown.