Those who lobbed teargas at my governor bid launch afraid of defeat- Rusana


By MN Reporter

Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana has termed as fear an incident when a private citizen lbbed teargas on Friday during the launch of his 2022 governor bid.

Chaos broke at Namba area in the outskirts of Migori town when a teargas canister was lobbed from the crowd as Rusana stood to welcome the crowd before official speeches started.

The man who lobbed the teargas could not be traced in the ensuing melee as elders and women who came to endorse Rusana scampered

“What happened here has proved that people who kept saying I have no support base have panicked, by lobbing teargas in this function it shows we are strong and nothing will stop our march to form the next government,” Rusana said.

Rusana said his unnamed rivals planned to disrupt the launch of his bid which chose to consolidate opinion leaders from Suna East and Suna West constituencies.

Broken chairs during the launch

“It is only voters who will decide their next voters, those who have been claiming Rusana has no ground think teargas, pangas and violence will intimidate us,” he said.

Former God Jope MCA Ochieng’ Abwao who was the coordinator for bringing together the meeting said in Suna East and Suna West constituencies, which formed the last Migori Constituency, they have endorsed Rusana.

“We had a meeting before, attended by all candidates and opinion leaders who were picked from Suna area who picked Rusana as the sole candidate to negotiate with other regions. Today we have affirmed that comitment,” Abwao said.