This is the Migori county staff who is abducted and a million ransom demanded

Patrick Lumumba.

By MN Reporter

Patrick Lumumba, a staff at Migori County Government department of water and energy is abducted with a million ransom demanded from the family.

He is also an elder at Ombo SDA church.

Suna East police boss Esau Ochorokodi confirmed the incident to Migori News.

He said the incident was reported by Lumumba’s daughter, Cynthia Ngango on the day he was abducted on May 1 2022 at around 8:00pm.

He said Lumumba was last seen as he took an official county motorbike he was assigned to garage and car wash after lunch.

“He was last seen on the fateful day in the evening around Soko Mjinga market in Migori town,” Ochorokodi said.

Witnesses said four people believed to be police officers accosted him, place handcuffs on his arms and pushed him in a white pro-box vehicle whose number plate remembered was only KCU.

“The police have launched an investigation to establish where he is,  since his mobile phone has been switched off to locate his location is hard but we are really trying our best,” said Ochorokodi.

Lumumba’s wife Judy said her husband did not talk of any form of wrangles in his personal life, work or business.

“We don’t have somebody to suspect or link with the matter,” she said

The family and police said tracing Lumumba has been hard since his phone has been off.

Brian Onyango Lumumba’s son, however, revealed to the media that since the abduction took place they haven’t communicated with their dad because his phone has been off.

“On Monday one of my father’s friends was called using his number demanding a million shilling ransom,” Onyango said.

Phedel Majiwa chief officer in the water department said he was intelligent and hardworking employee who was committed to doing his work.