Soap making venture by Afya Halisi helps Kuria women socio-economic power, nutrition

Nyangoge Mother-To-Mother members making home made soap

By MN Reporter

Several women groups in Kuria region have benefitted from a soap making venture by Afya Halisi programme.

Groups have been helped to boost their socio-economic after being trained on how to make soaps and offered with first raw materials.

Nyangoge Mother-To-Mother group with 17 members said since they started making and selling soap and sanitizers they have managed to save close to Sh10,000 in their kitty.

Susan Boke, the chairlady said their group is made up especially of young mothers and was started to help encourage nutrition to end maternal and child mortality during birth.

“The venture has helped boost our nutrition because we now have money which has also helped our table banking and merry-go-round activities,” Boke said.

She said earlier Afya Halisi had trained them on a program to help boost nutrition through goat, poultry and kitchen garden ventures.

“We have been supplying locals and institutions with soap,” Boke said.

Rosemary Kwamboka, member and the secretary lauded the project, which she said has helped her build a house and boost her farm with a dairy cow and goat.

“It has been an extra income and with the Covid 19 in the country I have personally been able to make significant profit,” she said.

Elizabeth Kerario, a community health volunteer and a member another group, Komomange Youth Group, said they have helped target 145 households in their area with homemade soaps and ventures.

“Apart from soap making venture, through the Afya Halisi programme we have also been able to monitor correct breastfeeding, baby friendly behaviours like going to hospital and ending malnutrition,” she said.

Kerario profits made from soap making has helped boost their work through ease of cash flow.