Senye SDA pastor’s wife abducted, turned dumb by Nyatike night runners

The three women are believed to be members of the church

By MN Reporter

Three Nyatike sub-county night runners have left Muhuru Bay town residents aghast after abducting the Senye SDA church pastor’s wife and using witch craft to turn her dumb.

The three all women team, believed to be members of the same church abducted Pastor Frankline Obilo’s wife at night, cut off her hair and left her for death in a pool of flood waters.

“We had retired to bed when I woke up to and found my wife had left the kitchen door open. When I peeped I saw her lying face down in a pool of flood waters since the area is closer to Lake Victoria,” Obilo said.

He said he managed to pull her unconscious wife from the water, but she was “heavy like a stone.”

“She said three women attacked her, two strangled her and the third one cut off her hair before dropping her at the flood water and running away. It was only through God’s grace that I woke up on time,” Obilo said.

Kibro Beach Management Unit chairman Joel Maulidi said resident said the women were jealous of the woman for giving “too much love to her husband.”

“The attack was fueled by jealously, women at the church were jealous on the love they had on the pastor and chose to attack the woman,” he said.

Maulidi added that:  “The women who did the heinous act are said to have been jealous of the couple because of their love and dedication, some had tried to entice the handsome pastor into lover affair and when he refused they attacked the wife.”

But self-imposed chairman of night runners Jack Songo distance any of his members from the incident saying their association does not harm people, and “a lot of people walk at night.”

Prayers and medication helped revive the lady who by the time of going to the press was already talking.