Rongo traders ask if Obado bought a toy fire engine after inferno gut premises

Rongo town traders counting loses on Sunday January 19

By MN Reporter

Rongo town traders have asked Migori governor Okoth Obado to confirm if the recently bought fire engine is functioning after inferno gutted their premises on Saturday night.

Traders lost goods worth millions as they watched helplessly their investment going in flames after unsuccessfully trying to get help from county after the incident.

Several businesses adjacent to Rongo modern market were reduced into ashes after fire started from a barbershop at night.

“I received a phone call at midnight from a passerby that my eatery was on fire and immediately rushed to establish the cause,” said Tobias Samo who owned a barber shop that was razed down.

He said they immediately reported the incident to the county and called on the recent fire engine to come to their aid.

“We want Obado to come out and clearly tell us how to access the fire engine or why it was bought. Is it functioning or is it a toy?,” Samo said.

Peter Odhiambo who owned two posho mills said his venture was reduced to ashes as he helplessly watched.

“We personally want the governor to help us back to our feet, the fire could have been contained by the engine on time. We watched for hours as fire turned our dreams into ashes,” Odhiambo said.

Peter Otianga, an MCA aspirant said Obado should review the team he has placed for disaster management.

“It is shocking that since the fire incident, no leader have set foot at the scene to console those affected. The county disaster management should constitute a committee that will ensure that future cases are averted,” he said.