Rongo sub-county awards top performers in joint exams

By MN Reporter

Migori County residents have been urged to embrace education as source of interactive mechanism and an eventual uplift to living standards.

Speaking at Kamondi Primary School in Rongo Sub-County during the release of primary schools’ joint exam results, the Sub-County Education Patron Mr. George Waganda Ouma K’Oreng’ described education as an equalizer that facilitates poverty eradication.

He said learners should be exposed to conducive environment that may enhance the acquisition of knowledge.

He asked all leaders including those in the political class to invest resources in educational matters so as to enable learners join quality institutions of higher learning and eventually compete favorably in the job market.

Mr. Ouma emphasized on the power in unity of purpose in the achievement of desirable goals, and invited people of like minds to join the Rongo Education Foundation as a way of mobilizing local and international resources for sustainable educational improvement.

The event was attended by parents, pupils, invited guests and teachers led by the Director of Education for the Sub-County Mr. Michael Kanditi who praised the sponsorship of the examinations as the first of its kind in the sub-county and even in the larger Migori County, and hailed it as highly successful.

On his part, KNUT Rongo Branch Secretary Mr. Thomas Ochiel Awino took issue with the teacher’s medical insurance scheme AON saying teachers are being given a raw deal as the company has shifted the memorandum initially agreed on and are currently offering sub-standard services to teachers.

“Let AON not sub-contract the deal with any other insurance scheme because they are out to make money from teachers. If this continues we are ready to withdraw ‘’, said Mr. Awino.

He urged the TSC personnel to consider the teachers who did the interviews for the replacement of the retired head teachers and ensure they fill the positions as required by law.

Over 2,500 class eight pupils from 68 schools in Rongo Sub-county participated in the joint exams which were solely sponsored by the Patron, Mr. George Ouma KÓreng’.