Rongo man exhumes mom buried 10 years ago to show him dad in property row

A coffin in a demonstration

By Ian Byron

Residents of Kitere village in Rongo Sub County are reeling in shock after a 30 year old man attempted to exhume his late mother from the grave.

The man only identified as Odhiambo shocked neighbours after he descended on the grave with a shovel and started digging up to exhume the body who was burried 10 years ago.

South Kamagambo chief Josedph Nyamanga said the man had been complaining of constant harrasment from his step mother over his origin.

“He complained of insults from his close relatives especially his step mother who had been telling him to go back to where he was born.” Nyamanga told Migori News on phone.

Nyamanga said the man’s actions was prompted by  intimiditations from family members and ‘wanted his mother to tell him  where he  was born ‘ 

The man had dug the grave half way and was about to exhume the mothers remains but  was intercepted by neighbours who got wind of the fishy activity.

Ojwang Ogejo, a village elder said Odhiambo fled the scene after  neighbours alerted authorities and  were rushing to arrest him.

“He learnt of the impending arrest and fled before we could catch up him. said Mzee Ogejo. 

Neighbours have accused the man of creating havoc after using hard drugs.