Rongo maid sentenced to life for defiling, infecting boss’ boy, 6, with STI

By MN Reporter

The Rongo Senior Resident Magistrate court on Monday has sentenced to life a maid for defiling and putting at a risk of contacting a STI her boss’ son, 6.

Neema Matiko Thomas alias Aunty, 22, was sentenced to life by Rongo Senior Magistrate Raymond Langat because “despite knowing her health status exposing the minor to serious health risk.”

The offense was committed on March 30 this year the court issuing the maximum sentence as the maid abused her position of authority.

The minor had to be put through medication to prevent him from getting infected with sexually transmitted disease.

In her mitigation, Thomas called for leniency saying she was a first time offender, a plea that was thrown out.

“Although her mitigation may be worth considering, the nature of the offense and aggravating factors outweighs her mitigation,” Lang’at said.

“This is a serious offense which needs deterrent nature, the boy had to be put on drugs to foresee any infection and at the time of testifying the drugs were really affecting him,” he added.

The suspect has requires mitigate days to appeal the decision.