Rongo family from Kamondi wants justice for son shot by police last year

Jared Omondi Opiyo, (R), and Caroline Atieno Opiyo, (L) brother Bernard Tei, 2 points to their son’s grave at their home in Kamondi village in the outskirts of Rongo town

By MN Reporter

A family from Kamondi village wants Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i to move with speed and help them seek justice for a son shot by police on December last year.

Fredrick Onyango Omondi, by then 18 years was shot dead by a police officer on December 1, 2018 by a police officer at at Kamagambo Police Station.

When Migori News visited the family Omondi’s distraught parents Jared Omondi Opiyo, 45, and Caroline Atieno Opiyo, 40, and brother Bernard Tei, 26, said they have been traumatised as they always see the officer who shot their son.

 “We still have the fresh grave of our son which we see, the police who shot him dead is still walking freely in Rongo town, we know him and see him always. That is more traumatising as we feel helpless,” Opiyo said.

Opiyo said they were chased when they went to report the issue at the same police station after they were chased away with stones and threatened with guns.

Tei said his brother had left his shirt behind and was running when he was shot from behind by police who said “he was a thug, but we want to know which law in Kenya allows for extra-judicial killing and shooting someone from behind.”

The family insisted their child was innocent and was heading home after picking his phone when he met the officers.

They reported the matter through criminal investigation department OB No: 4/1/12/2018.

A pathologist report dated 24 December 2018 by Dixon Mchana at the Rosewood Mortuary seen by the Star said the body had two bullet wounds and the deceased died of “severe spinal inury through tow gunshot wounds.”

The report said police officers were on night patrol “when the deceased emerged from the darkness and grabbed the rifle of one of the officers and this prompted the other officer to shoot the deceased.”

The report said the deceased was shot by ‘a high velocity/caliber firearm fired in the distant range,” with abrasion on the body which showed it was dragged.

itus Orwa the Secretary of Migori County Civil Society Organisation Forum said Independent Police Oversight Authority which visited the family should speed up their report.

But Migori county police commander Joseph Nthenge said they are waiting independent report from IPOA and police internal affairs, as the matter is now beyond them.

 “We have complains that police officers can’t investigate their colleagues, that is why external independent bodies join such matters,” Nthenge said.