Riogi to pull political rag off Pesa, Obado feet to lead Suba clan to endorse Ayacko on July 16

Mzee Riogi Riogi, Ochillo Ayacko and John Pesa

By MN Reporter

Suba Council of Elders Chairman Riogi Riogi is set to endorse senator Ochillo Ayacko for governor on July 16 ahead of next polls.

Riogi said he has called on voters from the Suba community he leads in both Suna East and Suna West constituency to endorse Ayacko’s bid at Kababu grounds, under the famous ongora tree.

“The ceremony will be led by myself as the ker of the Suba community and my brothers from the Luo and Kuria community to install Ayacko as  our governor candidate on August 9, the decision is binding,” Riogi said.

He was speaking to the press after a short meeting of council elders who said after soul searching they will endorse Ayacko.

Riogi’s deputy of Mzee Odie, the father of Hellen Obado who is governor Okoth Obado’s wife.

Weeks ago, Riogi endorsed Pesa during his homecoming with his former Deputy governor Matiko Bohoko at Posta grounds in Migori town.

Riogi had also endorsed Obado and installed him elder ahead of his first and second term campaigns.

In the past he also endorsed Migori county secretary Christopher Rusana, who stepped aside and Woman Representative Pamela Odhiambo who left the governor race too..

His recent move will likely throw DAP-K candidate Pesa’s bid off balance as he has been counting on Suna West and Suna East constituencies.

“Riogi has been the a face of Obado administration and his backing of Rusana and Pesa earlier who have been seen as Obado’s project will give a different trajectory of the next poll and add ammunition to Ayacko campaign team,” Felix Ayieta, a journalist with a local radio station said.