Pupils exodus as CDF kitty lock out Rongo school

Dago Kowuor primary school in East Kamagambo ward, Rongo constituency risk being locked next term due to poor infrastructure.

The school is in pathetic situation and needs urgent attention which has seen its number drastically reduce to 200 as pupils have moved to better schools in the neighbourhood.

The school has never been considered for CDF allocation to provide basic learning facilities.

The school’s administration said they may be forced to relocate pupils next term to other schools unless urgent measures are taken to save the situation.

The schools management strongly blame their predicament on politicians who have ignored their proposals to be considered for CDF allocation.

“We have never been considered for any CDF allocation for the past three four years and we wonder whether it’s intentional or not,” said the school’s deputy Dick Diang’a.

According to the deputy, the School was allocated some money from the CDF in 2010 but was withdrawn without any proper reason after CDF officers acted maliciously.

The school’s existing classrooms are incomplete and expose pupils to dangers of jiggers’ infestation besides other calamities.

He said to retain pupils in the school the government should act speedily to address the biting problem.

Even teachers fear teaching in incomplete classrooms as part of the building had developed big cracks that should be condemned.

Mostly pupils learn under trees and when it rains, their lessons are normally disrupted.

Pupils and parents said they are dejected after their pleas to local leaders have been ignored.

“We are appealing to our MP, Dalmas Otieno to investigate and get to know why money allocated to our School never reached us,” he said.