PROFILE of 8 Migori speaker candidates: 1 ex-MP, 1 ex-MCA, 3 lawyers, 2 activists and 1 unknown man

FROM TOP: Former Migori MP Owino Likowa, Lawyer Francis Ndar, Lawyer Kerario Marwa, Activist Martin Owiny, former Macalder-Kanyarwanda MCA George Duro, Lawyer Gradus Adis, Activist Isaac Aluoch and Tom Mungai Ouma whose photo we didn’t get
  1. Kerario Marwa
  2. Martin Owiny
  3. Isaac Aluochier
  4. Gradus Oluoch
  5. Tom Mungai Ouma
  6. Francis Ndar
  7. Charles Likowa
  8. George Duro.

The five who applied for the deputy speaker seat include former deputy speaker

  1. David Chacha
  2. George Omamba
  3. Moses Magwe
  4. Eunice Odii
  5. Brian Osodo.

The contenders asked for enough security during the September 21 voting as they said they did not want a repeat of what happened in 2017.

“I was a contestant in 2017 and I won. I was beaten out of the assembly and I never got an opportunity to be sworn in,” Marwa told the Standard on Monday.

According to Marwa, his swearing in was postponed to this year, as he said “I have come back to reclaim my seat of 2017. I have come to reclaim what was mine”.

He said as all elective seats went to the Luos, it was prudent for the speaker seat to go to Kuria community which is a minority in the county.

“My candidature is intended to correct that regional balance. The county assembly should be run by an independent person. A speaker should not be one that has been ‘blessed’ by the executive. A time has come when the county assembly should be left to choose its speaker,” Marwa said.

He further claim he was receiving a second round of intimidation, and was being told that he would not be given his victory.

“I am being told that even if I win, my victory will not be given to me,” Marwa said.

Mr. Ndar said even though he had not intimidated by anyone, he believed in the independence of the county assembly.

“I am aware that there is a case which has been file which is meant to safeguard the interest of members so that they can have a secret ballot. We believe it will be a peaceful process,” Ndar said.

For Mr. Owiny, they were assured the elections would be free and fair.

He stated that there were candidates claiming to be the governor’s choice but he believed that the governor being a democrat had not publicly pinpointed anyone for the position.

Owiny further claimed a number of MCAs had been intimidates to choose a certain candidate.

He said for a proper oversight to be in place, there had to be independence without interference from the executive.

“Some party operators are also involved in threatening MCAs. If elected there would be a balanced house,” Owiny said.

Migori county assembly clerk Vincentia Kionge who confirmed that eight contenders had submitted their papers out of ten who had picked speaker position forms, said they would ensure there is enough security for the MCAs who will be taking part in the exercise.

“We are going to have a meeting with the county commissioner. We are on top of things,” she said.

Additionally, the assembly is going to give two cards to the MCAs as they will be making an entry with two personal guests each.

“This will be done to secure the assembly. If a member comes with an extra person, they will not be allowed in,” she said.

Migori county assembly clerk Vincentia said that so far they had received back eight forms and five forms for those interested in the deputy speaker seat.

The assembly has a total of 59 members, 19 of which are nominated.