Police in Migori destroy 1.7 tonnes of bhang

Migori County Commander Joseph Nthenge sets on fire bhang at Lichota in Migori town


Police in Migori today destroyed 1,720Kgs of Cannabis Sativa (bhang) whose street value is estimated at Sh1, 720,000 million.

The bhang that was burnt at Lichota in Suna West was part of others nabbed by police in the County over the period of one year.

Police sought a court order that was issued by a Migori court on July 4, 2019 to destroy the narcotic drugs whose cases were complete.

According to police, Suna East and Suna West reported the highest number of bhang impounded at 1130Kgs with Nyatike, Kuria West and Uriri reporting 500Kgs, 60Kgs and 30Kgs respectively.

Kuria East, Rong and Awendo did not report and bhang related arrests.

County Commissioner Joseph Rotich said members of the public played a big role in the in the confiscation and arrests of bhang traffickers in Migori.

“We want to continue in a collaborative manner to fight this vice to the extent that we can fight to the end of it,” said Rotich.

Migori Police Commandant Joseph Nthenge however urged those in the car hire business to be aware of the business their vehicles were involved in when hired out.

Nthenge said most vehicles impounded trafficking bhang were hired out vehicles whose owners appeared later claiming not to be aware that their vehicles were transporting bhang.

The police Commandant said owners will lose their vehicles upon being impounded as police in Migori move to impose strict measures to curb the narcotic business in the County.

“Don’t expect to get back your vehicle or motorbike when it is impounded trafficking narcotics,” said Nthenge.

He urged vehicle owners to monitor them when they hire them out so as to know where they are at all times.

The police boss said they were in collaboration with officers from Tanzania as most bhang nabbed in Migori was in transit from the neighbouring Mara region.

The multisectoral exercise was witnessed by officers from NEMA, Public Health, the Judiciary alongside the National Police Service.

Last year police burnt bhang worth Sh38 million in a similar exercise.