PHOTOS: Suba elders endorse Dalmas, beating Ayacko at crucial votes

Dalmas Otieno at Nyamome village in Suna West constituency when he was endorsed by Suba elders

By MN Reporter

Former Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno on Friday was endorsed by Suba elders in Suna West sub-county, peeping his main rival Ochillo Ayacko for crucial votes.

The Suba, though a minority can help decide the outcome of the October 3 by-election for the third county senator.

Dalmas as accompanied in public for the first time by Migori governor Okoth Obado at a function held at Nyamome Primary School in Suna West sub-county.

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Speaking at the function, Dalmas said he was keen in uniting the county and help bring in investors.

Dalmas will vie on Independent ticket, with a giraffe as a his symbol, which the elders gave to him through a carving.

Governor Okoth Obado with Dalmas Otieno at Nyamome

Ayacko was handed the ODM direct ticket in a nomination exercise that has divided the county.

Dalmas has chosen the endorsement path to directly campaign to specific groups instead of seeking mass rallies, a strategy which Obado used in August 8 elections to floor Ayacko.

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