(PHOTOS) Rongo pregnancy deaths reduced by over 70 per cent, thanks to Afya Halisi- stakeholders

Part of Afya Halisi training at Royal Hospital in Rongo town

By MN Reporter

Deaths during pregnancies in Rongo sub-county have reduced by over 70 per cent because of close working relations with all stakeholders.

James Maroa Gisiri, the area sub-county said the igh number was recorded to be 10-15 deaths across some facilities in Rongo, which has reduced to only four in extreme cases which translates to 73 per cent reduction.

The Royal Hospital, Rongo town

“We have been able to build capacity of health workers, created nurses and mid-wives membership to tackle complicated births which has boosted knowledge and quality of service delivery,” Gisiri said.

He was speaking at Royal Hospital in Rongo town during a training sponsored by Afya Halisi programme to build capacity of nurse and mid-wives at the facility.

“We have worked closely across private and public hospitals to create synergy and ease of referral of cases to tackle any complication at birth,” he said.

Cheruiyot Kiprop, the clinical officer at Royal Hospital

Cheruiyot Kiprop, the clinical officer at the facility, said by working closely with Afya Halisi they have seen their birth triple from 10 per week, to an average of 30.

“We have managed to tackle to zero any cases of death during birth and significantly followed on infants to reduce mortality before they reach their fifth birthday,” he said.

The training

He said by working with other facilities, especially the Rongo Sub-county Hospital, they have been able to have better maternity services.

“We have seen tremendous effort by Afya Halisi especially in membership drive of medics across facilities just to tackle complications in maternity which has been positive,’ he said.