(PHOTOS) Police shoot two Rongo demonstrators after they tried to cleanse where MP Abuor hosted Ruto

By MN Reporter

Rongo police shot at least two anti-government demonstrators who tried to cleanse the site where area MP Paul Abuor hosted president William Ruto visited on Saturday.

Demonstrators started at Nyarach center where Ruto opened the 21Km Nyarach-Oboke-Rangwe road where a prayer started before some were arrested.

This sparked off violent demonstrations.

A live bullet fired at demonstrators.

“We had at least two patients admitted at Rongo sub-county hospital with bullet wounds. One had exit wound and the other the bullet was still lodged in the leg,” Maurice Otieno, the hospital’s medical superintendent said.

They were referred to Migori Referral Hospital.

Migori police commander Mark Wanjala told the press he was not aware of the incident.

“When demonstrators went to Kamagambo police station to seek on release of their colleagues police opened fire at the crowd where others were injured,” Jackson Otiang’a said.

Angry demonstrators chanted songs against their legislator Abuor calling him a traitor and burned his effigies.