(PHOTOS n VIDEO) How ‘Uriri We Want’, a WhatsApp group is paying fees for a needy Kakamega Boys student, shuns insults

South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali and Justine Mustafa Ambuga

By MN Reporter

The ‘Uriri We Want’ WhatsApp has risen above insults and extortion associated with similar platforms in Kenya to help educate a needy student at Kakamega Boys.

While youths have been accused of using social media platforms to insults leaders, the group is educating Justine Mustafa Ambuga, from form one in 2018 to current form three after he scored 381 marks out of possible 500 at Sigiria Primary School in 2017.

When Migori News visited Ambuga’s home in Sigiria, South Kanyamkago ward we found he had already left for school after the groups raised Sh24,800 for his first term fees.


Jackline Ambuga, his mother said her son has skipped school for a full term as they could not raise the fees needed for him to join form one in 2017 before ‘Uriri We Want’ came to the family aid.

“He was the only family hope, , I am very grateful for the group’s help, several members visited our home for the first time and confirmed indeed my son had not reported to school, the next time they came with fee payment voucher and he was out to school because we did not have land or cattle to sell for his fees were tied with him at home,” she said.

Justine Mustafa Ambuga (squarting first left) with some members of Uriri We Want

Mark Avedi, Sigiria Primary School teacher said Mustafa was the top student in the school, and they turned up to the group for help after failing to secure several available bursary foundations.

“His only undoing was that his parents were alive, although he was vulnerable. When we raised the matter in the group and after checking his documents we started off educating him with contributions coming from as little as Sh50,“ Avedi said.

Area MCA Graham Kagali the first contribution raised was Sh68,000 which helped Mustafa join form one, and “ever since, the group has taken up to pay the student’s fee and follow his progress like performance, discipline and upkeep jointly in the group.”

Sigiria Primary School teacher Mark Avedi and South Kanyamkago MCA Graham Kagali during the interview

He said additionally, the group has helped in social welfare projects like building homes for needy members of the society and payment of hospital bills.

“Most WhatsApp and social media groups have been turned into insults area and extortion rings by youths against politicians and leaders. We are happy this group took a turn for the best, and such gestures have helped in building positive, healthy and mature discourse which has attracted all leaders in and outside Uriri” Kagali said.

Kagali said similar groups in Uriri which started as political platforms have created poultry farming, quarry and registered community, youths and women groups which have been used to check out socio-economic ventures.