(PHOTOS) How Obado skirts around order barring him from office to hold cabinet meeting

Governor Okoth Obado

By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado has lined up tricks up his sleeve to skit around court order barring him from accessing his office.

Former Awendo MP Jared Kopiyo and Migori county public service board chairman

Last Friday, Obado meet members of his cabinet, department heads and senior offices in a full cabinet meeting (a first in a long time).

Migori DG Mwita Mahanga during the meeting

“Today I chaired an interdepartmental meeting where we reviewed our work plan for this Financial Year to ensure effective service to our people,” Obado posted on his Facebook page.

Senior Migori government officials during the meeting

Obado has become increasingly targeted on his plan to offer service to Migori residents and the meeting is a clear statement that he will still perform his duties.

The ODM party had sponsored a motion to impeach Obado citing lack of effectiveness to deliver on his mandate after being barred from office.

Migori governor Okoth Obado chairing the meeting

“Together with my Deputy, Nelson Mahanga, we believe the plans will be well implemented. Thank you and may God bless you all,” he said.

Obado was barred from accessing his office after being charged with corruption together with his four children and several associates.