(PHOTOS) Eddy launches oversight role on Ayacko’s administration by meeting the public directly

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Eddy Oketch has launched direct oversight by meeting the public, getting reaction on county government performance.

The senator met the public in Kwa ward and West Kanyamkago wards to meet members of Suna East and Uriri constituency directly.

Oketch said since being elected he has moved the county allocation from Sh8billion to Sh13billion annually, amount which should undergo oversight.

“You sent me to work as voters, it has been a year and when politicians are elected they should know that people are the bosses, that is why I am here,” Oketch said.

He said Migori has been receiving disbursed funds promptly and any talks of delays is unfounded.

“Migori is yet to receive Sh700m of December money, which will be released. Otherwise funds have been released promptly and that is why we will do oversight,” he said.

He was speaking in Sibuoche area.

He said across the country, Sh385bn was released, while in Migori when former governor Okoth Obado left the county only received Sh8bn which he has increased by over Sh4bn.

He said Ayacko and his cabinet should work on the money, after MCAs have pushed through the budget.

“When MCAs have complains on how the governor works they can raise the alarm to the senator, when they choose to remain mum I can move directly to the public,” he said.

He said after the oversight meetings, he will move a report to the senator and call Ayacko to the senate to account on the oversight of the funds.

“No money has delayed under Ayacko, I did my work as senator and I don’t have any debt as senator,” he said.

His oversight will cover the following:

  • Migori county pending bills
  • Migori county development project
  • Migori county bursaries and ECDE
  • Migori county human resources and payroll