(PHOTOS) Ayacko invades rival Pesa’s Otacho backyard, gets defectors and aims at 60% votes

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko at Mwache Primary School

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko on Sunday raided rival John Pesa backyard in push for votes ahead of next month polls.

Ayacko is the ODM governor candidate and has been facing sustained heat from the DAP-K candidate.

On Sunday, Ayacko met representatives from Suna Otacho area at Mwache Primary School, same area as Nyarongi village where Pesa hails from.

“I have taken this step to ensure that I form an inclusive government that will bring all people, this shows we will also ease tension ahead of elections,” Ayacko said.

Ayacko said he calls for peace in campaigns “so that elders who have managed the race reach the final line despite trailing behind.”

In a pledge for support from the community read by Solomon Obote said they were keen to be in the next government.

“Ayacko is a major sure bet, we want to request and demand to be part of the next government as Otacho area, in exchange we will deliver 60% of votes to you,” Obote said.

In the pledge, which will cover 2022-27 the Slaughter-Nyarongi and Kakrao-Sibuoche roads should be upgraded to bitumen standards.

“Though the roads are under national government, we believe Ayacko with his connections will ensure the roads are upgraded,” he said.

He said ECDE classes should be equipped and locals employed together with improved infrastructure at Anjego and Gingo dispensaries.

“We demand Anjego and bimos markets and call for subsidized agriculture inputs and processing cottage factories,” He said

In the pledge, the community also mapped out areas for drilling boreholes and empowerment of women and youth groups

Solomon Obote, who read the area manifesto

Former Migori MP Owino Likowa said the area has 10 polling center and and we have 6,500 votes.

“This is no one’s backyard, we will haul in atleast 60% 0f area votes,” Likowa said.

Likowa said Pesa was working closely with the incumbent Okoth Obado and risk maintaining status quo “where governor, his wives and children fleeced county coffers “

Philip Omolo, a Suna East political activist said the meeting was a success as they received several defectors.