(PHOTOS): Another first as Nyamita fumigates all 155 schools in Uriri against Covid 19 for free

A man fumigates Rapogi Boys

By MN Reporter

Uriri MP Mark Nyamita has pulled another first in the country by being the first legislator to fumigate schools against Covid 19.

This comes as the country prepares to re-opening learning institutions on January 4.

Nyamita, with contribution from friends, kicked off the fumigation across all 155 primary and secondary schools.

The exercise will cover both private and public institutions.

“We undertook the fumigation exercise to help support government in effort of school re-opening and ensure our learners are safe,” Nyamita told Migori News.

The legislator said schools are still grappling with social distance headache with poor infrastructure as some classes have over 100 students with none being built on time.

‚ÄúTruth of the matter is that maintaining social distance in schools will be a nightmare,” he said.

He said government has not released money to NG-CDF kitties which should form the best basis of improving infrastructure in the country through a special kitty.