Pesa governor bid gets boost as rival Okoth drops out, backs him fully

John Pesa (R) welcoming ex-speaker Boaz Okoth in his fold

By MN Reporter

Migori DAP-K governor candidate John Pesa bid has received major boost as ex-speaker Boaz Okoth dropped his bid days in Tuesday polls in his favour.

Okoth, an independent candidate officially decamped at Migori posta grounds on Saturday during a last day of campaigns.

According to Okoth, his potrait and name will be in the ballot but no one should bother casting a vote for him as he would also not vote for himself.

“You will see my face in the ballot paper but don’t go voting for me I will also not vote myself, but Pesa,” Okoth said.

He claimed he was asked to support Pesa’s main rival, senator Ochillo Ayacko of ODM party but refused claiming he was part who those who frustrated him as a speaker.

Okoth was impeachment and is facing court battles which revolves around the ouster and corruption.

He said the woes has seen him journey between court and hospital.

“The other person asked me to go and support him. But how can I support someone who has made me suffer? I cannot support such a person,” Okoth said.