Over 50 Wiga Ward students graduate from Kelly Olongo sponsored computer program

Kelly John Olongo, Center, following through the graduation ceremony of over 50 students from Wiga Ward

By MN Reporter

Close to 50 students from Wiga ward in Suna West constituency have graduated from a computer program run in the ward.

This was after a 3-month rigorous training through various computer packages in a program sponsored by youth leader Kelly John Olongo.

WATCH VIDEO HERE: https://youtu.be/PzTW1b_2Wos

Speaking during the ceremony Olongo said he supported the initiative so as to improve computer literacy of the students in the area and in turn make it easy for them access online classes.

“As we are all aware, currently as country, we are facing a pandemic and most classes are channeled online and a big number of our students are unable to access the classes,” said Olongo.

Kelly Olongo leads the award of certificates

He added, “The holiday is quite long and this would lead to various challenges such as early pregnancies and some would have engaged in activities that would have injured their lives and through this programme am sure we have curbed this menace.”

His sentiments were echoed by chief instructor and project coordinator Otieno Owino who said the project helped the students keep off engaging in major economic activities in the area such as mining and fishing.

“I don’t mind people mining but they just have to do it at the right age, so we are trying our best here by giving some skills that are very crucial in our contemporary society,” said Owino.

The pioneer students asked the locals to embrace the programme.