OPINION POLL: Ochillo ahead with 52.5% votes as he leads in a fourth straight poll, Pesa and Dalmas trail

The screen grab of the results

By MN Reporter

Migori senator Ochillo Ayacko is the most likely next governor to replace Okoth Obado who term ends on August 9 after leading in four straight opinion polls.

In the latest poll by Mizani Africa, Ayacko “is the most popular Gubernatorial candidate in Migori County leading with 52.5% (ODM). John Pesa (DAP-K) follows closely at second place with 31.5%.”

Immediate former Rongo MP Dalmas Otieno (Jubilee) comes a distant third with 10.4 per cent, Philip Mwabe (Ind) comes next with 2.2 per cent.

Rebecca Maroa (UDA) follows with 1.7% while Byron Oginga 1,3%.

Immediate former Migori speaker Boaz Okoth closes the list at 0.2% which is the same with undecided.

Mizani Africa on May 30 released a poll that also placed Ayacko ahead by with 48.8% of voters, which shows the senator’s approval ratings has picked.

Pesa also improved as he was second with 27.4%, Otieno dropped as in last polls he had 16.5%. Owiso Ngao garnered 5.5% of votes, but disappeared from the clip..

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Between November 7-14 Mizani Africa did an opinion poll that gave Ayacko a 31.4% lead, Dalmas had 25.5% while John Pesa had 17.5%.

Robert Okong’o had 11.4%, Mark Ogutu had 9.1%, Christopher Rusana had 3.9% while 1.2% f voters were undecided.

On March, CORG did another survey which also placed Ayacko ahead of the pack with 32.7% followed by Dalmas Otieno who had 28.3% and John Pesa who had 17.9%.

In the poll Omondi Anyanga had 6.9% while others had 14.2%.\