OPINION POLL: Eddy drops 20% votes, leads in senator race. See candidate gaining on him

Screen Grab of the polls

By MN Reporter

Migori senator candidate Eddy Oketch has dropped over 20 per cent on popularity in the latest opinion poll ahead of August 9 polls.

In a poll released today by Mizani Africa Poll showed the ODM candidate leading by 53.4 per cent of polls compared to May 30 poll by the same pollster that gave him a whopping 77.4% approval rating.

Eddy is followed by Chacha Msambi who had 31.6% of votes up from 13.4% in last polls, showing he is gaining strongly ahead of August 9 polls.

If polls were to be held today, Jacob Okumu would come third at 12.5%, Victor Okuna 0.9% who dropped bid and backed Eddy follows flooring even Billy Mijungu an Independent candidate at 0.7%.