OPINION POLL: Anyanga most popular Nyatike MP candidate with 33.9%, see what Odege got

The Opinion Poll grab

By MN Reporter

A pollster has placed former Nyatike MP Edick Anyanga, UPIA candidate as the front runner in the constituency race ahead of August 9 polls.

Mizani Africa has said Anyanga is ahead in opinion poll released today with a 33.9% approval rating followed by the incumbent Tom Odege who is the ODM candidate with 27.1%.

Odiso Ogenga, an Independent candidate has 20.3% followed by Elias Rateng who has 10.2% while 8.5% of voters are undecided.

Speaking to the press after the polls, Anyanga said he was sure of retaining his seat and win by a bigger margin than projected by the pollster.

“We pray for a peaceful campaign and we sell our agenda to voters, in last polls i was not at the ballot to defend my seat and i know voters have been missing on development agenda for the past five years,” Anyanga said.

He said he will ensure Azimio la Umoja leader Raila Odinga wins the next polls not only in Nyatike, but across the country.

Edick Anyanga 33.9 Tom Odege 27.1 Odiso Ogenga 20.3 Elis Ratteng 10.2 undecided 8.5