Omamba leads pro-motion team, as Akungo leads pro-Obado arm in divided assembly

The chaotic scenes at divided assembly last week

By MN Reporter

As the impeachment motion against governor Okoth Obado is gaining momentum, the assembly have been effectively divided into two warring factions.

Those supporting the impeachment ouster sponsored by the ODM party are led by North Kanyamkago MCA George Omamba.

“The decision to impeach Obado was arrived at after wider consultations within the top organ of the party, the decision is in top gear and is irreversible,” Omamba told reporters on Tuesday.

He said it is not members but the party that decided

The other camp is led by Kaler MCA Thomas Akungo, who said they will oppose the motion in totality and will never be intimidated.

“The motion is political and amounting to double standards. Majority of MCAs may not be able to marshal the requisite numbers,” Akungo said.

He revealed that if anything, majority of the MCAs who attended the Nairobi meeting, which resolved to impeach Obado, opposed the decision.

Akungo hinted that they have managed to divide the assembly to ensure the motion flopped.

On Tuesday, tension at the assembly reached fever pitch as speaker Boaz Okoth was arrested and seven MCAs were charged in court.

Samwel Orima, the North Kamagambo MCA who is pro-Obado adjourned the assembly until next week after being the temporary speaker.