ODM waters down Odiso move to open Nyatike UDA offices in Muhuru Bay, Bunge la Wenye Nchi plans counter move

By MN Reporter

The Orange Democratic Movement party has panicked after president William Ruto party opened an office in Nyatike.

On Monday, United Democratic Alliance party associated with President William Ruto opened party offices in Muhuru Bay at expansive Nyatike sub-county.

The offices were opened by Nyatike politician Odiso Ogenga and hours after the move the party held a meeting in a Migori hotel.

Addressing the press, the ODM party chairman Philip Makabong’o and Bunge La Wenye Nchi led by chairman Charles Osewe held a counter meeting.

“We are not alarmed by this move to open the office in Muhuru Bay, we were aware of it before and we are confident Migori and Nyanza is an ODM zone,” Makabong’o said.

He said already the party had purged out rebels in the region and was actively recruiting members and officials.

“Odiso is a joy rider and we are not alarmed,” Makabong’o said.

Migori chairman of Bunge la Wananchi Charles Osewe said they are solidly behind ODM leader Raila Odinga and ODM party.

“We are solidly behind Raila not only in Muhuru Bay but the region, we are aware of Odiso and former MP Edick Anyanga and we wish to tell them any office they open will be brought down,” Osewe said.

Kennedy Ongaga, the Speaker for Bunge said after blocking UDA from Suna East and Suna West party leaders have been thinking Nyatike will be an open area.

“We have mapped out ODM rebels and we will disrupt them in Nyatike and other areas too,” Ongaga said.

He said the bunge and the party is planning a public Baraza and rally around the new UDA office soon.

“We stopped demonstrations to give dialogue a chance it didn’t mean we are asleep,” he said.

Faraja Allan, Bunge la Wananchi in Muhuru Bay as far as they were concerned the UDA party does not exist.

“In the morning we saw a few mobilization of people all the way from Otho which is not even in Muhuru Bay and money was given to open a shallow office,” Allan said.

Allan said as far as Bunge is concerned that office does not exist.