Obado taunts his legacy: 16,000+ Km roads, 3,400 staff, 23 ward offices among others


By MN Reporter

Migori governor Okoth Obado has taunted his legacy saying since 2013 he has overseen 16,000kms of road built.

He said with other partners like like the World Bank, additional 1,600Kms were added.

“Migori is an agricultural county that relies on agriculture and it is important to ensure that the county has a well laid out infrastructure to help farmers economically,” he said.

He was speaking during Madaraka Day celebrations.

Obado said he has been able to employ at total of 3,400 “competent staff who are highly committed to performing and delivering my mandate to ensure that the county grows economically through county wealth generation and revenue collection.”

He said they have opened up 23 new ward offices and with passing of Migori Village Administration Act of 2022 he will have established 400 village offices.

“They will be opened to ensure that the devolution services are achieved at the lowest levels as per the spirit of the 2010 constitution,” Obado said.